A Different Kind High School Reunion

A Different Kind High School Reunion

I just got back from four days of meeting up with 4 Seattle-area high school girl friends (one I’ve known since 2nd grade).  Every two years we congregate, coming from Bellevue (WA), Portland, Fort Collins (CO) and Santa Barbara.  This year we all met in Palm Desert, CA, to share our stories, our laughs, our lows, our families and most of all acknowledge how special our group is.  It was good timing for one, whose husband passed two months ago and another who welcomed her third grandkid.

The laughs started when the Bellevue and Portland friends were on the same plane, unbeknownst to them until they were picking up their carry-ons outside the plane!  And they were three rows apart!  From then on the laughs never stopped 🙂

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