Are Utilities to the lot line or NOT?!

You have probably noticed that many MLS listings have various utilities as being AVAIL (available) instead of at lot line.  If it is a subdivided lot (Lot 3 of subdivision name) then the utility companies have, indeed, put in the utilities to serve each lot.  The problem is Realtors have to rely on the utility companies that what we can’t see underground is indeed at the lot line.  In classes that I teach to fellow Realtors, I encourage them to write in AVAIL and not, in this litiguous world, say they are at the lot line.  Yes, there have been lawsuits, case in point…in older subdivisions, gas can be on one side of the street to serve lots on both sides of the street. 

So, yes, even when the listing says AVAIL, and it’s a subdivided lot, the utility is there to serve that particular lot.

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