Land Lady 2.0 – Selling Land and Homes…SAY WHAT?!

Yup, this updated version includes going back to family roots and complementing my 35+ years of land sales with DIVERSIFYING into selling homes, a tradition my Mom started by selling over 100 custom homes built by my Dad.  The cool thing is, this addition requires the same ‘me’, the SAME REPURATION of tenacity, honesty, dedication, [...]

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SOLD – My Buyer, My Seller!

Persistence and belief in a property eventually pays off!   This 3.3 acre site near Broadway and Freeman roads had an old utility/access going through it but I had a couple of meetings with the homeowner benefitting from that easement, the homeowner legally relinquished his rights to the easement and WAHLA! this stunning mountain view lot sold [...]

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SOLD – My Buyer, My Seller!

With easy topography and such close proximity to the city and Wildcat games :) it didn’t take long for this lower foothills Flecha Caida Ranch property to sell at an ABOVE-AVERAGE price.  Having both the buyer and seller, it makes for a much smoother transaction because I know the buyer is fully informed of a property's [...]

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SOLD – My Seller

Two sales in Chaparral Heights in two weeks!  I've got one more to go with the same seller who is still motivated.  Pepper Viner found this lot for a couple who will begin construction right away.....always love to see new houses going up (even though it takes work away from me lol). This lot is [...]

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JUST LISTED – Pima Canyon against National Forest!

The lowest priced site available that is against the Coronado National Forest in this PRESTIGIOUS, most popular foothills community.   This lot has so much personality that, if it could talk, would honestly say: "MY twisted, tangled and TALL, OLD saguaros will outlive you; the view up the THROAT OF PIMA CANYON is one you have to [...]

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SOLD – My Buyer, My Seller

I'm not sure why it took so long for this nifty site to sell, but the buyer made a GREAT choice.  For $103,500 - end of cul-de-sac setting, in Chaparral Heights (La Cholla/Lambert), fab views of the east Santa Catalina's and an arroyo through the property for the feeling of ultimate privacy on a 1-acre property.  [...]

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Top o’ the Morning to You!

My family is deep in Irish history, thus the traditional "Top o' the Morning to You" texts this morning, to which we always return the blessing with "And the rest of the day to yourself".  Corned beef and cabbage is a given; I even surprised my family one year with bagpipers playing down the street [...]

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A Cacti-Napper is Caught!

A 48-year-old man was recently arrested in connection with the theft of barrel cacti in the Dove Mountain area....FINALLY.  Finally, one of these criminals is caught and captured!  Not coincidentally, the man was a part-time landscaper.  I wish I could count the times I have seen cacti stolen off property.  Sometimes the missing cacti is in [...]

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SOLD – 3.31 acs nr end of Speedway!

This is a perfect example of why no one should be fooled by a property's street address until you walk and 'feel' the property.  This 3.31 acre site is on Speedway but, not really.  The building site was about a football field away from Speedway, making for a very private, serene setting among TONS of vegetation.  Local buyer.  $200,000.

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The sleekest, coolest Jaguar of them all . . .

A real LIVE one roaming our south Santa Rita Mountains.  It's the only jaguar of its kind in the country and a 40-second video clip brings it the closest to life that I want to see it. “El Jefe” (The Boss), was named by Valencia Middle Schools students, whose mascot is a jaguar.  For your [...]

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World’s Biggest Treasure Hunt in Tucson….now!

The 62nd Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show is getting into full swing this week, with over 45 vendors here displaying and selling to both retail and wholesale buyers. Tucson’s show is so huge for the vendors that they call it their “Black Friday”. It’s a big deal for Tucson, too; an economic impact study [...]

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My Seller – $285,000 – Just CLOSED!

A magical 16-acre property in La Reserve/Oro Valley, backing up against the Coronado National Forest.  During its life, it had been marketed as high as $1 million.  The buyer is a local architect/builder and I'm really anxious to see how he designs to the all the special views this property offers.  I have opened and/or [...]

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Everyone to our right – sorry about record Snowstorm Jonas

But it's your sign…come visit Tucson, it’s a real bonus! JONAS: Snow = 100% White Out = 100% Below Freezing Temps = 100% Heavy Ice = 100% TUCSON: Snow = not even a trace on our mountain tops White Out = Sun Outs in the long-range forecast Temps = Usual sunny, mid 70’s (see below, from 3:02 today) Heavy Ice = only in [...]

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My Buyers my Sellers…Oro Valley

Just put into escrow with a local, young couple a 3+ acre site in the heart of Oro Valley that is almost like an island, isolated all by itself with undisturbed wash surrounding (no floodplain) and a spectacular full-range view of  Pusch Ridge and the Santa Catalina Mtns.

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My Buyer with a one-week close!

A shout-out to Long Title and Title Security who we were able to open and close escrow in 7 days, a pretty rare feat for land sales.  This is my third sale with this client, who now can't wait to move from feisty, crazy Silicon Valley to almost 20 acres of seclusion.  Believe me, he deserves it [...]

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My Buyers, NE Tucson

My local buyers just closed on a 3.68- acre parcel, bordering the Coronado National Forest in the Tanque Verde Valley.   Their backyard will look right up a very cool canyon in the national forest  while their front views overlook Tanque Verde Valley, all the way to the south Santa Rita and west Tucson mountain ranges!  [...]

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