My Buyer, My Sellers

There have been 5 sales in Saguaro Hills since 2013 and I have sold 4 of them...pat-on-the-back, pat-on-the-back :)   The latest was last week for $195,000; the buyer knew a good lot and area when he saw it - he currently lives in the subdivision!  He's looking to downsize, like so many land buyers.  I call [...]

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Thank you, Grandma

On this Thanksgiving day I want to thank you for daring to cross the waters from Northern Ireland to Ellis Island, by yourself at the age of 18 and, according to the ship's manifesto, having $25 to your name and being the only female on board.   Your courage and drive have definitely been passed down through the generations.

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My Buyer, My Seller

It took about a week, but just negotiated a seller carryback on a $200,000+ lot in NE Tucson.  A seller carryback is synonymous with seller financing, whereby the seller agrees to accept monthly or quarterly payments, thus alleviating a buyer from jumping through lending rules and costs. The buyer typically comes in with a substantial down [...]

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Ooops, there goes ….another lot into escrow YEA!

My $299,000 listing in La Reserve that backs up against the Coronado National Forest.  You still get a lot of bang-for-the-buck in La Reserve with most sites offering spectacular Oro Valley city lights and FABULOUS views of Pusch Ridge and the Catalina Mountains for which you share common ground.  La Reserve is a guard-gated community [...]

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Tucson Woman of the Year….Long’s CEO Rosey Koberlein!

Congratulations to a dear friend, Rosey Koberlein, who today was named 2015 Tucson Woman of the Year by Greater Tucson Leadership.  Such a deserving honor for such an amazing leader, philanthropist and mentor.  Rosey joins The Who's Who of Tucson - a very select few of our city's mover-and-shakers - who have been given this annual city-wide [...]

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Spring forward, Fall back

  Nah-ah.  Arizona went rogue in 1967 and opted out of Daylight Savings Time, which starts the first Sunday of November.  Now I can call family on the east coast and not fret I'm probably waking them up...I like, I like.  The only part of Arizona that does spring and fall is on the Navajo [...]

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Another Lot Sold!

I've had this property listed too long, it was time for someone to also appreciate the predominately, stunning Catalina Foothills mountain view site in Cimarron Foothills Estates.   Buyers are moving to Tucson and already 'get' the majestic feeling of the craggy, rolling north foothills.  High-five to these buyers :)   $203,000.

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Cheers, Hacienda del Sol Guest Ranch Resort!

The 60-year-old boutique hotel is completing a $13 million renovation.  What's neat about the Catalina Foothills resort is that it has none of the glitz and grandeur of the Lowes and Marriott's, in fact it's more hide-and-go-seek.  Do yourself a favor and enjoy a stay at this authentic Tucson gem.  Locals love the casual dining and [...]

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JUST LISTED…5 new lots in Catalina Foothills!

Economically priced between $105,000-140,000 and this is the first time they've ever been available for sale;  located near Sunrise and Kolb roads.  Unique, upscale 20-lot community nestled in a serene valley with loads of desert splendor and even a pretty continual cool breeze!  In what is a rarity today, Seller will finance...yea!  MLS #'s 21528975; 21528976;  [...]

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The Nasty Property Tax Bill

Please remember the property tax bill you recently received will become delinquent on November 2.  If you have decided not to build on your property, please call me so we can discuss how to rid you of this unnecessary, nagging payment.   (520) 906-4463.

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My Sellers, My Buyers = JUST SOLD!

A gorgeous 15-acre property near Moore/Como that had sizzling views of the Catalina and Tortolita mountains.  It has an un-used well that was inspected and passed better than my car at emissions :)   The most fun during this sale?  Watching trucks doing flips in an arroyo - by the buyers' toddler playing with his Teenage Mutant [...]

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Tucson: #4 on MONEY magazine’s top-city list for Millennials

MONEY magazine recently named our Old Pueblo as among the top cities for 15-35 year olds to live and work.  http://time.com/?post_type=money_collectionpost&p=4000798item/tucson-ariz/?xid=tcoshare We rank between Columbus, OH (#3) and Seattle (#5).    This can be a great economic boost for us since the Millennials – the largest generation in US history – are entering their peak spending years.  So you [...]

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On this day in 1891 classes began at The University of Arizona with 32 students attending class and living in Old Main.

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Monsoon season over….boo-hiss

It's been a long time since we've had a summer filled with thunder-boomer displays but in July we had a couple that reminded us of the wonderful rain-lightning-thunder show one can put on; better than any 4thh of July pyrotechs :)   The official season ended Wednesday, Sept 30, bringing a total of 6.62 inches of rainfall, [...]

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New Listing: Oro Valley, To-Die-For Views!

Pusch Ridge views are pushed beyond the limits.  Gaze straight at the infamous ridgeline with knoll setting for unobstructed views along the entire Catalina Mountain range!  Two arroyos converge at the east end of property affording privacy and protected view corridors.  Paved road access right to the property line.  It's really a very quiet [...]

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Where will Tucson be 30 years from now?

The esteemed University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management challenges itself every quarter to look into the state's future.   The following article says Arizonans can expect to experience a higher level of per capita personal income than ever before....I can hardly wait! https://www.azeconomy.org/2015/09/featured/arizonas-30-year-outlook-bigger-richer-slower/  

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IMPORTANT! New Mortgage Rules will impact land buyers and sellers, too!

Rosey Koberlein, CEO of Long Realty, wrote an Op-Ed article in yesterday's Arizona Daily Star newspaper explaining in layman's terms the new mortgage rules that are being federally implement early next month. Sellers and buyers will be affected, yet those we mention it to haven't even heard of them.  Ahead of the curve, as [...]

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Sometimes Things Happen for a Reason

For the past few years I have taken a 'Sue Time Out' and driven by myself to San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico.  Here is this summer's experience: I got to the condo guard house at 3:30 p.m., which was a half-hour too early and the gate guard wouldn't let me in...no problem.  I decided to wait outside and [...]

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A Different Kind High School Reunion

I just got back from four days of meeting up with 4 Seattle-area high school girl friends (one I've known since 2nd grade).  Every two years we congregate, coming from Bellevue (WA), Portland, Fort Collins (CO) and Santa Barbara.  This year we all met in Palm Desert, CA, to share our stories, our laughs, our lows, our [...]

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