Just Sold!

Neither my buyers nor I thought their low-ball offer was going to anywhere, living in fear the seller would not even respond, after all, it was unquestionably one of the best lots in Saguaro Hills, the Pima Canyon of the whole Tanque Verde Valley. But the seller DID and we wound up negotiating a price very [...]

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Representing Buyer and Seller…Casas Adobes lot SOLD!

It's no wonder this very rare find in historic Casas Adobes sold so quickly for $165,000.  My seller priced it at market and my buyers appreciated that and, oh yeah, they LOVE THE LOT!  Genuine seller and buyers made this a smooth, easy transaction for all concerned.

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A Memorial Day thought….

My dad wanted to be in the military, he fought just to get into the military but was turned back because he was a severe diabetic.  So he chose his own way into the military by working for Pratt & Whitney and then Boeing, building engines for the Navy and Army.  Dad was never 'decorated', [...]

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If you’re lucky enough to be Irish…

You’re lucky enough!   And I'm sooo lucky!  My mother's mother immigrated from Coleraine, Ireland and since then St. Patrick's Day traditions have endured through family generations.  The day always starts with a phone call (now text) greeting: "Top o' the mornin' to ye?" and the response of "And the rest of the day to yourself" and ends [...]

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No Daylight here…

Daylight saving time started at 2 a.m. today, March 8…. 48 states sprung forward and fell back, while 2 - Hawaii and we, in Arizona - remain the same and have no ‘timely’ reason for any lost sleep. Why 2 a.m.? According to Live Science, it’s considered to be the least disruptive time of day [...]

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Quality NE land sales

I recently sold two 7-acre parcels near Redington/Camino  Rinconado that will help land values in the Tanque Verde Valley.  My buyer intends to build one home straddling both lots for a peaceful 14-acre estate.  They each sold for $280,000.  Appraisers will find these sales very helpful in substantiating high-end land sales in the NE. 

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The best Super Bowl commercial…

Of course....the Jeep ad set to the tune "This Land Is Your Land"!  Liked the video caption too, "The world is a gift.  Play responsibly."  I also would have added, "This desert land was made for you and me!"

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HAPPY NEW YEAR . . . with SNOW on cacti!

Such an inspiring feeling to wake up with snow covering our cacti, on a day when we reset our lives and start a clean slate of  welcoming new opportunities. It's truly a time to go for the feeling of "fresh start" vs starting over".   Let's embrace this new year and add in some adventure and the eagerness of [...]

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The Vacant Land/Lot Purchase Contract has a Due Diligence Period (DDP) whereby every buyer has X amount of days as a 'free look' to determine if the property is satisfactory for buyer's intended purpose.  The amount of days is negotiable between buyer and seller but it is pre-printed in the Purchase Contract for 30 days. [...]

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Forbes likes Tucson!

Copy and paste the following link to read what Forbes Magazine says about our wonderful corner of the world.  If you get bored reading about the Silicon Valley, skip to page 2, the 11th paragraph.  Jobs drive the housing industry and the housing industry drives jobs.  And then MY land can't be far behind!  It is all [...]

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It is my feeling that every land property should be surveyed by a registered land surveyor as a contingency in a purchase contract.  I teach fellow Realtors and I explain to my sellers that since a seller is selliing his/her property that they should be responsible for showing what it is they are selling.  However [...]

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Did You Know?

I’ve often wondered what the “Babad Do’ag” sign means that was erected on Catalina Highway a couple of years ago.  Come to find out the Catalina Mountains were originally known by the Tohono O’odham nation as Babad Do’ag and then later named by Italian Jesuit priest Eusebio Francisco Kino in honor of St. Catherine in [...]

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The Great Escape

If you are unsure if you're ready to make an offer on a parcel of land, please know that the Arizona Board of Realtor's purchase contract has a 15-day 'escape' clause in it.  Well, it's really not called an escape clause, it's an Inspection Period, but a 15-day time period is pre-written into the contract [...]

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Are Utilities to the lot line or NOT?! You have probably noticed that many MLS listings have various utilities as being AVAIL (available) instead of at lot line.  If it is a subdivided lot (Lot 3 of subdivision name) then the utility companies have, indeed, put in the utilities to serve each lot.  The problem is [...]

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New, popular, economical way to build!

An economical way to build a home that is becoming very popular is hiring a semi-custom builder.  A semi-custom builder, such as Pepper Viner and A.F. Sterling; build from an existing plan with modifications; a custom home starts in the minds of the homeowner and architect and on a blank sheet of paper.  A few [...]

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Bear Down Red and Blue

I grew up in Seattle and lived and breathed a Huskie - Sonny Sixkiller, Coaches Jim Owens and Don James, Warren Moon, the halftime report of on Slippery Rock's score and, of course, long-time game announcer Keith Jackson.  But that's too far in my rear-view mirror.....40 years in Tucson....WAY TO GO, WILDCATS!!

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One giant leap for….

I guess because I like to ride in small planes and helicopters, I was a last-minute observer this morning to watch live coverage of the first human to break the sound barrier, skydiving from the edge of space.  Felix Baumgartner is today’s Evel Knievel times 10, today’s techy science project and today’s knucklehead.  The 43-year-old [...]

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