Land Lady 2.0 – Selling Land and Homes…SAY WHAT?!

Land Lady 2.0 – Selling Land and Homes…SAY WHAT?!

Yup, this updated version includes going back to family roots and complementing my 35+ years of land sales with DIVERSIFYING into selling homes, a tradition my Mom started by selling over 100 custom homes built by my Dad. 

The cool thing is, this addition requires the same ‘me’, the SAME REPURATION of tenacity, honesty, dedication, knowledge, professionalism and excelled negotiating skills.  Probably like you, my own home has been the single most important lifetime investment; I appreciate and honor that it is the same for you.

 Like land, finding your home is the easy part and, if it isn’t there today, it will be, we just need patience and more research on my end.  What’s going on inside the home is what matters and having built a few homes with my Dad I am CONFIDENT and KNOWLEDGEABLE  helping you through this process with my own personal experiences and a bevy of qualified home and land professionals.

What I find the most exciting is finding the one perfect property you can call home today or after building your dream.  LISTENING TO YOUR STORY and understanding your likes and dislikes makes it become so much more personable and fun for everyone.

After many years of being on the Professional Standards and Ethics Committee for the Tucson Association of Realtors, I feel comfortable working through whatever issues arise.  And having TAUGHT CLASSES for Tucson’s leading real estate school as well as internally for Long Realty Company, Tucson’s perennial No. 1 real estate firm, I feel competent leading you through your purchasing experience.

Interesting, I remember taking a college aptitude test and being shocked that sales surfaced as my No. 1 preferred career choice.  What?!  I wanted to be a journalist or a private investigator. 

I was the Age of Aquarius, the days of ‘do your own thing’.  And I did; for nearly 10 years on the playground of being a sportswriter.  And then…guess what?  Real estate/sales found me!  More specifically land found me and with over $200 million in residential sales, we’ve been best buds and best buds we will continue to be as I complement my sales career by diversifying and enjoy a family tradition of selling homes, too.  I love ‘full circles’ 🙂

I know one thing – it sure will be nice to have AIR CONDITIONING once in awhile when showing property!  I still dig dirt and now I dig going back to family roots.

While Realtors sell homes and land, I’m selling land and homes 🙂  And, no matter which way we get there, I’m excited to help you ‘come home’. 

So, welcome…my door is wide open. 

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