We would like to thank you for the outstanding job you did selling our land in Tucson. We have worked with many Realtors throughout the country on real estate transactions. Even though we never met face to face, we felt confident of your integrity and professionalism through phone conversations. Your knowledge of the Tucson market is extensive. Throughout the entire process of the sale your professionalism was laced with wonderful humor and forthrightness, making the sale of our property a smooth and pleasant experience.
June and Paul Thome, Harve de Grace, MD
We want to thank you for finding our dream lot that has turned into a great investment (we hear it’s almost tripled in value in four years!) Being from PA, we put our trust in you and you more than fulfilled our needs and wants. You carefully listened to what we wanted and quickly envisioned and found our dream lot. Thanks for making it so easy for us!
Dr. Samuel Spagnolo, pulmonary disease, Washington D.C. & , Dorcas Hardy, Commissioner of Social Security under the Reagan Administration
I was out shooting hoops with Sue the other day and well, let’s just say, she needs to stay with selling land where’s she a real straight shooter! Sue comes highly recommended to me from various business associates and friends as being Tucson’s #1 Realtor to entrust in selling some land I own. She has been instrumental in the success of the development of the property; her suggestions and ideas have been very useful and are being implemented. Sue is the one who explained to me the highest and best use for my land, which is selling five 3.9 acre parcels, instead of one 20 acre parcel. All I can say is that I’m SURE glad I have Sue on my team! Thanks, Sue.
Sean Elliott, No. 32
We found Sue Hill to be an absolute delight when she sold us our property. Sue was professional, thorough, knowledgeable, helpful and FUN. She is the best! If you have a need, we strongly recommend Tucson’s finest, Sue Hill.
Land lovers as you and I are not so common. Most people seem to love concrete, asphalt, builders and gates out front. Your data base for land (in your head) is outstanding. But above that, you try to fit the land to the person’s individual tastes and needs – you don’t just ‘push’ the property to make a sale. You’re great!
Dr. Larry Davis, MD, FL
Speaking as a fellow Realtor, Sue Hill is recognized among her peers as being THE premier agent for lots and land. I trust Sue’s expertise so much that I am confident to refer my clients to her who have challenging requirements. Sue can be counted on for the perfect solution.
I work with many Realtors throughout Arizona, and Sue Hill is truly one of the best. She is professional in every way and always has her client’s needs at the top of her priority list. Sue is an important part of my success as a real estate lender because she represents quality properties and knows the market very well. Sue Hill – homesite specialist says it all; she is a specialist in her field and a professional in the industry. Thank you Sue, for contributing to my success.
We chose Sue Hill as our Tucson Realtor because she deals exclusively with land – and we’re so glad we did! She’s lived in Tucson over 30 years and we found her knowledge of the area unsurpassed. We found a beautiful lot and with Sue’s help, sending us plans, documents and working out those last-minute details, we accomplished our settlement long distance. We now consider her a friend. Thanks Sue!
Rob & Irene Bernstein, PA.
When it comes to selling lots, Sue Hill knows the business! She is a true professional as well as courteous and honest. I would not hesitate to recommend her.
George H. Amos, III, GRI, Chairman of the Board, President, Tucson Realty & Trust Co., Commercial Department
I have worked with Sue Hill for many years and she is a true professional.
I am writing to say “Thank you” for your helping me and other real estate appraisers on my staff. I appreciate the time you spent with us recently in confirming the facts and circumstances surrounding the sales you made as the real estate broker in several recent land transactions. Obtaining accurate information is the life blood of our work as real estate appraisers. “I especially want to also say “Thank you” for the sharing of your opinions regarding the pricing of various land parcels here in the Tucson area. Your experience and knowledge of what sellers and buyers are thinking and doing is invaluable to me and my staff of real estate appraisers.
It is a pleasure to do work with someone of your professionalism and competence. I now that if I should ever need to sell or buy vacant land that you will be my first and only phone call.
We were so impressed with Sue’s long-time reputation for selling lots that we entrusted her to sell TWO lots. She sold both lots sooner than we thought, and we got top dollar for them. Sue never tried to exert pressure during negotiations, she let the first deal come together on its own and during the second one she brought the deal together by suggesting we pay for the survey and staking and flagging, but only if the buyer closed. The closings were so smooth it was almost too easy. She’s been keeping me abreast on other lot sales in the area and as soon as we are ready to sell a third lot, we will call Sue again. Give her a call and you’ll find out why we highly recommend Sue.
Dr. Casey Blitt, Tucson anesthesiologist
Sue Hill is one of Tucson’s most knowledgeable and respected homesite sales people.
I have had the great pleasure to work with Sue for over 5 years. Her experience, dedication and devotion to land/lot sales in Tucson, coupled with her responsiveness and ability to intelligently counsel buyer or seller enables her to provide unparalleled customer service. I trust her judgments completely; she either knows the answers to land/lot questions or she researches responses thoroughly. She represents the desert well!
Tom & Linda C. Drake, DE.
My husband and I both felt that Sue was not trying to sell us a land; she was there to help us make the best decision for us. She was always willing to provide information, but not so much that we would feel overwhelmed or pressured, yet just enough so we wouldn’t have to keep asking. We eventually and happily bought the parcel we were interested in but even if we had not, we felt that the time spent with Sue was enjoyable and well spent.
Valaya Gaudet, San Francisco
I’ve always felt Sue has been honest and forthright in her dealings with me and her lot buying customers. There have never been any “behind the scenes” comments that would jeopardize either side of the transaction. I’ve also referred many of my custom clients who are in the lot search phase to Sue. She has a strong pulse on what’s for sale and what’s coming up for sale. She sometimes knows of building sites that others don’t. Sue only sells lots. She knows what’s out there.
L.J. McCreary, President, McCreary Homes Inc.
We had a real feeling of comfort with Sue handling the sale of our lot. She was responsive and very knowledgeable. you can be confident she will handle your transaction in a highly skilled manner. Sue has contacts other land agents only wish for and this made all the difference in our sale.
Richard and Patricia Switzer